Kickstarting Your Tribe


About a year ago I got a Kickstarter campaign and in less than three hours we hit our goal, and we sold out everything in about three days, so it was an overnight success!

But of course it wasn’t an overnight success. It took me ten years to earn the connection with the tribe that lead to this. So the big insight for me was that, in fact, yes, if you want to know if it pays – it does pay. It pays to build a group of people, a tribe that are connected to one another and to you, and that trust you. 

It turned out that the prizes were a thrill to make and a privilege to deliver to people. But that’s not what Kickstarter’s for, it’s not what Kickstarter’s actually good at. It’s a huge huge bureaucratic hassle to deal with Kickstarter. What Kickstarter is, is an emblem and a symbol of whether or not you have already figured out how to serve your tribe.   


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