How Women Can Master Their Confidence


The science of self-assurance is the genes. We’ve gone through a lot of work with neuroscientists who are looking at the genes that predetermine whether you might be a confident person or not. We’ve worked with neurologists who are working with monkeys with neurologists working with rats – I mean who knew there were confident rats right? They’ve narrowed it down to a cluster of genes that will predispose you or not towards confidence or anxiety.

The art of confidence is the things we do ourselves. It’s managing to take confidence and make it personal, make it authentic to who you are as a women. I think this is quite a difficult thing for women to do because when we behave like men do in the workforce we get penalized for it – we all know this; by men as well as women. The art of confidence is somehow making confidence more authentic to who we are as women, if you can do that then you can make your voice heard, make your opinions known without creating that bitter feeling that women have made around them much to their detriment.

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