How to Improve Your Presentation Skills


Often when people are strategizing about giving a sales presentation, my guess is, what they’re  focused on the most is the content. You know, have we got the right stats for them? Have we got the right story to tell them? Are we speaking to the right people – of course that is essential, that we have  the right people in the room – but are you the right person in the room? Now, you’re probably the sales person so, of course, it’s your job to deliver. But you’ve got some charge about the kind of person you are in that room. You actually have some ability to turn up as the kind of person, the kind of  character, the kind of behaviour that’s more likely to win trust and win business.

So what I would be focused on in terms of a strategy around a sales presentation is: how do we win trust with that client, or perspective client? How do we win trust and how do we do it physically? How do we set up a scenario? How do we set up an environment – you being part of that environment – in order to win trust? I’d be thinking, “How should I perform to win trust with these people?” That, for me, stands way more chance of winning business than “have we got the right slides?” Believe me; your slides are not going to do it. You’re going to do it. The product/the service is not going to do it. They’re buying you and then they’re buying into any slides or product or service that you might have. Concentrate on your relationship with them and how you perform to win a trusting relationship. That’s what I’d like you to think about.

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