How to Create a Safe Place to Sell


So often when you want to build a really strong relationship you’ve got to get data from that client or perspective client that is more intimate so it’s trickier to get that data. They’re going to be more reserved around you potentially. There’s more social risk about giving you the data that would actually give you some power to get a bigger connection with them. So essentially, you’ve got to create a safe space for that person to talk to you. Now when I say safe space you’re part of that space. It’s not just the environment you take them into it’s how you behave and perform in that environment.

Let’s think about me and if I were to ask you some more personal questions, for example: If I were this person, asking you these personal questions… How much do you feel you’d like to answer? Though I might tell you that I am very interested in the answers, how trusting are you? If I’m more open with my body language – you see open hands, open at this belly area, the little bit around the torso, do you feel more trusting if I were to ask you a question that if you gave me that data I might have some power… So trust isn’t necessarily in the question, trust is in how  the question is asked.

Do you trust this person - with that answer to the question?

Or do you trust this person? My guess is that you go with this person here.

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