How to be a Remarkable Marketer


The idea of remarkable is widely misunderstood. You don’t get to decide what is remarkable, the market gets to decide what is remarkable and what the market cares about and what the market remarks about is themselves. Not you, themselves.

People want their best self. People want the thing that touches them. It’s about them.

So the way to be a remarkable marketer is to be a generous marketer. If you wake up every morning and say what can I do for this community? What can I do for this tribe? What can I do for this customer? Without parenthesis "and get paid for it" part - leave that out. Then your posture is set, your bias is correct, so that if we spend our time putting on a show that delights the people we work with, if we spend our time holding up a mirror to show them their selves then we are far more likely to have them choose to remark about us.

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