Expanding Your Network


In today’s world there are quite a few things that you can do to expand your network the good news is that we’re no longer tied to our desks 24/7 – It’s a virtual workplace. We can bring our computers and our laptops with us; because of that you can get out, you can go to events, you can attend conferences, you can go to co-working spaces, you can even make connections on places like airplanes.

I recommend to people that you really move through life with your headphones off; think about the conversations and the connections and recognize that meeting one person can change your life. So think about the power of relationships, use your tools, go to events, network online and make sure that you’re building your brand and your persona.

The art of selling to me it really comes back to relationships building strong relationships that are authentic and based on shared values and passions is the key to successful selling, make sure that you’re constantly looking at your network, that you’re telling people that you value them and that you’re building your network based on your goals and your objectives.

A lot of people network 24/7 without really thinking about what they’re trying to accomplish. I would recommend having fewer contacts and deeper relationships that are very, very strong ties rather than thousands of weak tied relationships so recognize the power your connections and recognize they can bring you success, wealth and ultimately greater happiness.

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