Eric Ryan: The Art of Marketing Q&A


Eric Ryan is a designer, marketer and founder of Method Products, a company that strives to create non-toxic biodegradable cleaning products with a creative design. We sat down with Eric at The Art Of backstage studio to talk about his latest book, his take on the current state of the marketing industry and what entrepreneurs need to know.

Eric’s latest book, “The Method Method” strives to share the company’s successes as well as its failures in order to help aspiring entrepreneurs find their own success. It was important for Ryan to release a raw and honest portrayal of his company since “people learn from your mistakes more so than they learn from your success”.

On the subject of marketing, Eric is particularly excited about the tipping point we are starting to see with digital and social media. We are now starting to get to a place where social media can be a true replacement for traditional marketing. Not only is it fun to put up content, but we are now able to receive instant feedback and reaction from our key consumers. For Eric marketing will always come down to creating an emotional response. It’s about bringing design, emotion, creativity and passion to your offering.

Eric’s key advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to remain persistent. For him, success and failure is dependent on your resilience and how hard you are willing to work. 

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