Entrepreneurship Requires Confidence


The biggest challenge with being an entrepreneur is not the mechanics of it, it’s the head game that comes with it. It’s that self-confidence that is required. If you think about any company that you’re about to start if you break down the mechanics into little steps and you really isolate them everything on there is easy. Nothing is really that hard or something that somebody hasn’t done before – It’s having the confidence to go pursue it. The confidence is something that you have to build up over time and so for us the way that we did it is we first wrote the concept into a book and we shared it with the twenty smartest people we knew and we told them – don’t tell us why this is good we said tell us why this is bad, shoot holes in it, tell us what to do and when nobody came back with really flawed reason as to why is wasn’t going to work that gave us confidence. So then we created products and we gave those to our friends and said use them. Would you buy this? And when they said yes, they gave us a little bit more confidence so then we put it in store – that sold through and gave us a little more confidence. So you build that confidence over time, but really the biggest challenge is starting a business. It’s not the mechanic, it’s not the hard work, it’s not the challenges of it, it’s just the mental game that comes with it… To have the confidence to go for it, but also keep going when things get challenging, which they always will.

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