Effective Teaming


I would say if you have work in your organization that doesn’t require people to work interdependently with others to collaborate, to reach across silos and boundaries then stay away from this book, you don’t need it.

Very few organizations can really honestly answer that anymore, that the work can be divided up into little parts and ask individuals to do it, get their job done in fact, increasingly the work is complex interdependent and has uncertainty and that kind of work requires what I call teaming; which is team work on the fly, the processes easy and coordinating in collaborating with other people without a clear blueprint, without a clear script that’s easier said than done.

So the book goes deeply into the skills and the mindsets people need to have to work in that way in that kind of unscripted, but deeply into dependent manner and more importantly it tells leaders, managers at all levels in an organization how to help their employees engage in that kind of work: What’s it going to take from a skill perspective? From a mindset perspective? And how to help them get there. And it’s full of case studies from all different industries that show both the challenges, the hurdles, the things that get in the way and the opportunities for doing doing really, really well.

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