Duct Tape Marketing


I created Duct Tape Marketing really as a way to solve my greatest frustration. I was going and working with small business owners as a marketer and I’d walk in and say “I do marketing. What do you need?” and have to go out and recreate the wheel every time I wanted to work with a small to mid-sized business. So I decided, what if I was able to walk in and say “Here’s what I’m going to do. Here’s what you’re going to do. Here’s what it’s going to cost. Here are the results we can expect.” and really create this system approach. I had to give it a name, a brand other than my own name, and it occurred to me that duct tape was the perfect metaphor for how many small businesses go to work in their business. Simple, effective, and affordable; it doesn’t always have to be the prettiest thing, it just has to work. I stuck that name to this idea of a marketing system that is based in strategy, but can be repeated and grown really with any sized business.  

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