Blending Inbound Marketing & Selling


Inbound selling is coming. It is actually here in a lot of ways. I think that organizations really have to embrace it from a cultural standpoint. It’s not simply a matter of saying “Okay sales team, go out there and blog now” and “go out there and get into social media”. Those are the things that marketers have certainly done in this thing called “inbound marketing”. The most important thing is to actually look at sales and marketing and figure out how you can blend the two expertise using both inbound marketing and inbound selling so that inbound selling folks and professionals can actually go to work on personalizing the content that marketing puts out there, building deeper engagement in social media and doing many things that were once seen as only for marketers. It’s really important that that be orchestrated as an overall strategy for creating a better customer experience and not just another way for salespeople to mind leads.

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