Are Your Clients Having an Entertaining Shopping Experience?


Shopping has changed a lot over the years. I think in the old days it was an exciting thing going on, perhaps it was even entertaining, but now it’s become a routine and I think more and more it’s something we would like to get over with and done. I think the reality is that in the future we will see a split happening in retail. 

We will see that one part of retail will be what I’d call the click and run shoppers. You basically will go online or use your phone or whatever and you would buy the stuff and get over it. The other one will be what I call the sensory shopping experience path. And that would be where consumers are going into the supermarket, not just to buy stuff but to learn something, to be exploring things, to be entertained, to be inspired, all that stuff. And that path is, for me, the most important thing because that’s where price is taken out of the equation and where people really are competing on emotions instead. So these are the two paths – I think it’s really important to understand that if you go down the price path, there’s not a lot of future (and by the way there’s a lot of competition there) so we really have to step up and make sure we get on the sensory/entertainment path instead. 

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