Are You Selling at Your Highest Ability?


It’s very easy when you get into sales to start thinking that what you’re doing is dealing with numbers. You are rewarded for a certain number of sales, a certain revenue point, for a certain number of leads and it’s easy for it to become a science in a way that we maybe don’t want it to be. The key I think is to begin that it really is about the people, caring about the people, even loving the people. Enough to work out is this a fit or isn’t it a fit, enough to be able to build real trust, not just transactional moments. When we really discover: the essence, the true value of selling in it’s highest form it’s a very human experience and we’re not doing anything that’s forced we’re not trying to cram everything into the last moment – we’re trying to make sure there’s a proper fitter, a mutual benefit between what we’re trying to do and what the people that we work with really need.

Well look, in the last 10 years we have gone from being connected as a society to being hyper connected and so everybody everywhere is feeling the effects of that. They feel busy, but not productive, they feel stretched too thin at work and at home, and so whatever we do as sales people has to take that into consideration. We have to understand where they’re at, not just try to add one more thing to their already overstuffed life.

The odds of selling is not just what you see all the time, all over the place where you’re just trying to force a fit between things – no, it’s about serious listening, a powerful listening even to be able to understand the needs of the people that we care about and make connections between those needs and those things we really believe will improve their life and help them be able to break through to the next level of all. So it’s not always what we’ve been told it is, the art of sale sis really pretty important stuff in helping even society break through to the next level.

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