Are you Passionate and Confident Enough to Deliver?


I think the best lesson is, work hard. There are no short cuts. It is hard, hard work. But it’s a lot easier if you’re doing something you really love, than something you loath. So find something you’re that you’re passionate about, work hard, and you’ll make it. It’s really quite simple.

To be an entrepreneur you have to have a level of confidence. You have to hold your head up high and you have to be able to lie or I call it “embellish.” When I started off painting people’s houses, if somebody said, “can you make my house look like a Venetian Villa?” I would say, “absolutely!” Then of course I would go in the car and cry and go, “oh my gosh, how do you do Venetian-Villa looks?” But you work it out. You practice, and practice, and practice, until you do the best you can. But if I went in that house and said, “well, you know, maybe I’ll try it, I’ll see how it…” As a client I wasn’t going to pay me to do that. So you need to have a level of confidence. But you always have to deliver. You must deliver more than you were always asked to give. And I think that’s my, that’s my biggest tip of all. 

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