Are You a Manager or a Leader?


Leadership has more to do with vision and direction – like, where are we all going as a group? Who’s leading us somewhere? 

Managing is more in the weeds. It’s more about: you’re struggling, how am I going to help you? How am I going to take these people to another level? What are the investments that we need to make in something like new software in order to give people the tools they need? How do I hire the right people? So, it’s more in the relationships with the people, where as a leader could be – might be, might not be – further removed looking into the distant horizon, and not at his or her own feet. 

For me, leadership is when somebody has the quality of being able to inspire other people to move in a certain direction. It could be thousands of people, or it could be one little kindergartener, but being able to lead somebody in what you hope is the right direction.

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