3 Things That Make a Great Salesperson


I think there are a lot of things that they can do. Let me offer let me offer two.  

One of them is let's get passed this idea that the best salespeople are extroverts – strong extroverts –that's fundamentally not true. What the research shows is that the most effective sales people are not strong extroverts but they're not strong introverts either. They’re what are called ambiverts – people in the middle— because they're much more attune, they're ambidextrous.  They know when to speak up, they know when to shut up they know when to push and they know when to hold back. 

So the best thing you can do is not be a glad-hander, don't be the gregarious party planner – there's no evidence that that's effective in sales. So that's one very simple thing to do, is to get out of your head this notion of who is a great salesperson.

The great salesperson is someone who has a great degree of expertise, who is resilient, and who’s personality is much more modulated than the stereotype would say.


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