Stand Out

Stand Out

The next-generation strengths test from the leader of the Strengths Revolution.

Millions of people have taken Gallup organization's StengthsFinder and discovered their top five strengths. As the co-creator of that test and co-author of the book that launched the "strengths revolution," New York Times bestselling author Marcus Buckingham has spent the last decade leading people and organizations into a place of strength.

But something always seemed to be missing. Wherever he went, Buckingham heard two consistent gaps in the StrengthsFinder results. From professionals: "I love knowing what's strong about me, but what am I supposed to do with it?" From managers: "I have too many people on my team to keep all their strengths straight in my head. There's too much information to use it practically in my day-to-day leadership."

StandOut starts where StrengthsFinder ends. Using a massive data set and rigorous statistical testing, this next-generation strength test not only affirms what is strong about people but gives them-"everyone," the bosses, the executives, the people in the middle-hyperpractical tools to leverage their strengths every day so they can win at work.

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