3 Reasons You Should Join Tom Peters at The Art of Leadership in Calgary


Leadership and business go hand in hand, just ask Tom PetersConsidered to be one of the most influential business thinkers of all time, Peters has managed to push boundaries for over three decades and make organizational stakeholders understand the human drivers behind success. Sixteen books and almost thirty years later, he’s still at the forefront of the "management guru industry” that he single-handedly invented. It's no surprise that CNN says, “While most business gurus milk the same mantra for all its worth, the one-man brand called Tom Peters is still re-inventing himself.”

"While most business gurus milk the same mantra for all its worth, the one-man brand called Tom Peters is still re-inventing himself."

On Friday, September 11th Tom Peters will touch down in Calgary for The Art of Leadership conference in what is dubbed as "a rare appearance on this side of the continent." Now, it's easy to think that all conferences are alike but the reality is only a few can bring you closer to the thought leaders who have mentored the movers and shakers of your industry.  Here are three reasons you should attend The Art of Leadership in Calgary. 

Take Control of The Recession

Conventional wisdom would tell you to buckle down, collect your baskets and weather the storm, but as any successful business person knows, an obstacle is an opportunity. In times of adversity, better performers double down on their skills and arm themselves with more knowledge and tools to get ahead of their competitors. When the global recession hit everyone hard in 2008, Tom Peters was constantly asked, "What are some strategies/secrets for surviving the recession?” In his frank attitude, he wrote Forty-six “Secrets” and “Clever Strategies” for Dealing with the Recession , which you can read here. Would you be surprised that networking made the list?

Today's leaders have a dynamic role - integrating people and strategies in order to achieve sustainability and enhance organizational performance in challenging business environments. The Art of Leadership responds to the fundamental changes impacting leadership functions. From practical tips to innovative strategies, The Art of Leadership is designed to teach and provide leaders with directly related, easily applied tools and techniques that can be implemented within any corporate culture.

More Relevant Than Ever

There's almost a renaissance type of interest when it comes to Tom Peters. In July, Blue Focus Marketing listed him as one of the Top 50 Social Employee Advocacy Leaders (SEAL) on Twitter and when Peters tweeted, "Rare Tom appearance on this continent, Calgary, Alberta, CA" he was not kidding. These days he travels the world and continues to have a macro pulse on the ripple effects organizational stakeholders have on business and commerce. To the delight of Australian business and marketing professionals, Peters was last spotted at World Business Forum in Sydney, adding to the 2,500 speeches that he had already delivered in 48 states and 67 countries.

6 World Renowned Speakers

Along with Tom Peters, you will also have an opportunity to hear from a collection of other world-renowned leaders and bestselling authors including: Captain Phillips, Gretchen Rubin, Marshall Goldsmith, Mark Bowden and Dr. Seonaid Charlesworth. Each of these speakers alone commands a full-house and you're sure to find additional sources of inspiration that you may have never anticipated. Don’t miss out on your chance to gain a competitive advantage and network with over 1,500 of Canada’s most influential leaders. 

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