Review: The Art of Marketing - Toronto 2013


Biz Stone, Seth Godin, Charles Duhigg, Jonah Berger, David Usher at The Art of Marketing

We kicked off our sold out event in Toronto on June 5th with Biz StoneSeth Godin, Jonah Berger, Charles Duhigg and David Usher at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Singer, songwriter and Juno Award winning musician, David Usher, was first to take the stage at The Art of Marketing Conference. David set the tone for the day with his session on core creativity; how to bring creativity, innovation and inspiration to your work.  

Viral marketing expert Jonah Berger followed David Usher with a presentation on word of mouth marketing, discussing issues that included what drives word of mouth, why some products so viral and what are effective triggers. 

Seth Godin was next on stage at The Art of Marketing Conference. Seth delighted delegates with his session on permission marketing and how to create a "purple cow" -  an offering that stands out from the crowd and causes customers to take notice. 

New York Times bestselling author Charles Duhigg was next on stage, sharing his knowledge on consumer habits and the triggers that encourage their development.  

Last to take the stage was the Co-Founder of Twitter, Biz Stone. Biz ended off the day with an intriguing presentation on the importance of Twitter and other forms of social media, while also sharing stories of his own creativity and success.   

The Art of Marketing Conference was a huge hit, offline and online, with our official hashtag (#TheArtOf) trending nation wide before the first speaker even hit the stage! 

Don't forget to view photos from the conference on our Facebook page:

The Art of Marketing Conference in Toronto 2013 - Facebook Photos

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