Master Communications Expert Mark Bowden Will Reveal Essential Nonverbal Strategies at The Art of Sales


The well-known adage, “it’s not what you say, but how you say it,” doesn’t just apply to interpersonal relationships. As communications expert Mark Bowden knows, body language has just as much, if not more, of an impact on professional relationships. Bowden’s best-selling book Winning Body Language explores this topic in detail and provides us with guidance on how to get a message across without saying anything.

"Executives and other business professionals have to excel at communicating in order to thrive."

Careful Communication Is Key

Bowden has built a successful career around the notion that executives and other business professionals have to excel at communicating in order to thrive. This goes beyond simply knowing how to be cordial or knowing the right things to say in order to persuade clients. The communication skills that Bowden focuses on involve both verbal and nonverbal methods and require a certain level of nuance. Combining these skills gives you an edge over the competition in the sales arena.

With clients and consumers becoming savvier when it comes to researching products and services these days, sales professionals can’t rely on the communication tactics of old, such as the “slick salesman” approach. Instead, they need to work on earning the trust of clients and customers while still persuading them to purchase their product or service. This is a fine line to walk, which is where Bowden’s background and training in nonverbal communication prove especially useful.

With a degree in performance, training in gesture-control methods and experience collaborating with professionals in the movement psychology field, Bowden has built an impressive skill set that has helped sales professionals learn to communicate better through body language and words. Bowden’s list of clients includes several high-profile names, such as Disney, Microsoft and Toyota.

Every Movement Counts

What makes Bowden’s advice so sought-after by Fortune 500 CEOs and other professionals? In his keynote speeches and books, which also include “Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals,” Bowden provides valuable insight into what makes body language so effective in sales settings and shares secrets on we can use this to the utmost advantage. Even the subtlest movements can convey a strong message, and Bowden explains how to make sure that message is a positive one.

Bowden will be among the featured keynote speakers at The Art of Sales conference.

Bowden doesn’t just excel at helping salespeople build effective communication skills. He is also a highly respected presentation trainer with a reputation for giving engaging keynote speeches that draw the audience in and provide them with a chance to observe and learn from one of the world’s most renowned experts on nonverbal and verbal communication.

Bowden will be among the featured keynote speakers at The Art of Sales conference, which takes place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on February 5th, 2016. The communications expert will be offering advice and information on the following sales topics:

  • Building long-lasting professional relationships.
  • Learning nonverbal skills to enhance the effectiveness of sales communication.
  • Offering clients consultative assistance rather than focusing strictly on a selling relationship.
  • Learning the most influential psychological triggers and how to best implement them when presenting.
  • Gaining trust and maintaining it.

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