What is the Difference Between Leadership and Management?


I think generally people in kind of management science, they call them leadership thinkers, are moving away from the idea of management because it sort of turns the people into subjects or even objects, as opposed to collaborators. I think leadership is much more about connecting and collaborating with people. So I think that’s the difference – certainly you can be a manager and a great leader. You know, your title can be “manager” but it might also be semantics. Officially you’re a manager, but you’re actually a great leader. You can be a manager and not be a great leader. 

So there’s some overlap, but management certainly doesn’t imply the kind of inspiration, the kind of ability to really move people forward that leadership does. Management sort of implies that these are people who need a structure, and I need to make sure they stay in this structure; I need to manage them like I would manage a classroom of chaotic five year olds. 


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