What is #GoodBusy?


What there are definitely two kinds of busy; there’s the busy where you wake up in the morning and you feel like your hair is on fire all day long, you’re checking things off of a checklist, but at the end of the day if somebody asked, "So what you do today?" You kind of think, “I don’t really know,” and then there’s the busy where you actually can prioritize the things that are most important that will give you the biggest return for the energy that you put into them and you focus on those first and foremost and you do those until completion. That’s the type of busy that’s productive that grows businesses, lives, companies and experiences whereas the other type of busy which is just: whatever’s in front of me I’m going to do - is a busyness that I think actually takes life and takes life away from us and takes the experience of enjoying the day, enjoying the business away from us and in the end we don’t actually end up building what we’re here to build.

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