The Technology Generation


I think age has nothing to do with the way that we look at marketing to this “generation” today. A lot of people, because they look at me and I look like I’m 12, they’ll assume I’m doing this youth thing and it’s all millennials and blah, blah. I say that we’re actually all in the same generation. You could be 80 or you could be 20, I don’t care as long as you have one of these devices you are in the same generation.

The fact that we are now connected to each other and we’re also connected to services, we’re connected by our interests, and our needs are being addressed in real-time, the fact is this device is kind of like a superpower making us almost feel entitled that we can get things now.

That is the ultimate generation, the fact that we have this instant access. I think marketers need to acknowledge the fact that that is common across the board. If you can actually help add value in those real-time moments of need then you can really win and get ahead of your competition.

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