How to Engage Consumers on Social Media


The Art of Marketing has dramatically changed ever since social media has become so dominant in marketing and now it’s very hard to distinguish marketing from every other aspect of a product launch or a design or the essence of what the product is about in fact, marketers are beginning to understand more and more that if marketing is not adding value to the consumer it’s very hard to market. Social media is based on transparency, authenticity so it’s much harder to sort of hide behind a glamorous marketing campaign – you have to engage with the consumer. My main message is that we’ve moved in the world of media from presentation to participation. Engagement is the key. A lot of people are still having a hard time understanding why people engage in telling their own story on Facebook, on Twitter and through their own blogs on The Huffington Post. The truth is that self expression has become the new entertainment. Nobody ever said why are people sitting on the couch consuming bad TV for hours on end without being paid… Well, now the truth us that people would much rather be part of the story of their times and engage – not just in what they’re reading or seeing, but in passing it on, sharing it and basically being themselves as viral marketers.

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