Financing Your Plans


Cash flow is one of the big crunch issues with almost every small business owner.

There will always come a time even if you’re a really strong manager of cash flow where you see the future; it is clear to you there is a trajectory and you’re succeeding, but to get to that next trajectory it’s going to take more cash than you have in advance.

What are your possibilities there?

Well you can get really creative and figure out ways to potentially presell services or products to literally resolve the cash flow issues from your clients. We see a lot of people now turning to things like kick start or crowd funding, but then there are also lending issues the idea is I think to understand: is this a cash flow issue that is indicative of a bad business model or is this a cash flow issue which is indicative of a possibility for growth?

And therefore, is something that will justify your willingness to actually go into position where you potentially reach out to and request money from other people, businesses or institutions to help you grow.

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