Digital Content Rewards


The rewards that have been the most effective are actuallyvirtual instant gratification rewards. These are things like content downloads like music, tv shows, movies and credits you can redeem online likeFandango,Cineplex, you name it. These are the things that people like because they know they can get it instantly.

I think it’s assigned to the fact that people do want to redeem digitally. This is actually, when you look at a physical reward that’s typically less well performing, it’s usually because of the fact that there’s a physical barrier to it being redeemed seamlessly. We’ll actually work in partner with retailers to make it easier.

I think that’s the ultimate insight we’ve had. We’ll work with things likePassbookrewards and we’ll do things over SMS, we just want to make it fade away. As Steve Jobs mentioned, as long as technology’s invisible you have a winner in your hands. This is, for us, trying to enable in the types of rewards we give people.

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