Asking The Right Questions


One of the most common questions I think that I get asked is how do I grow my business. I think that is actually the wrong question to ask because that’s a “me” question – I think the reframe is how do I serve: How do I serve better? How do I solve better? How do I deliver what matters more? When you change that frame, when you come from that lens business growth kind of unlocks itself for you.

One of the most challenging things is keeping your customers happy, but I think it’s actually not all that challenging you approach it with the right lens.

When you look at your customers and you say to yourself how can I serve them? And how can I love them? Literally, how can I fall in love with my customer? Customers respond to that; people think the customers just respond to a product or service to the actual thing customers respond to the experience, the full circle 180 degree, 360 degree experience of the interaction with the product and the company and understanding the “why” behind it I think a lot of it has to go deeper within yourself to actually figure those answers out.

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