Adding Value to Everyday Moments


With the advent of the mobile device being something that’s in everybody’s pocket, one of the things that we wanted to tap into was daily habits, things that aren’t necessarily significant moments. Marketers will ask me “Hey, can you find me when someone has their first kid?” and that happens not too often, hopefully.

What we look at are things that may seem mundane and mediocre like you’ve just crossed off a to do list item, or you logged a 10k run, or you finished a recipe, or you favourited a song. These are things that are normal daily things, but still have that dopamine rush. For us, it’s about tapping into those types of moments and then showing that the marketers can actually add value.

Our mission is actually to add value into these moments that people live throughout their daily lives. That doesn’t sound like advertising at all. In fact, it’s a completely value-oriented discussion. For marketers our rules are less about “let me show you a message when you’re feeling those things”, it’s now actually acknowledging and adding a value to those everyday moments.

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