Volume 21

Volume 21 Letter From the Editor:

I can still remember attending my very first conference, fresh out of school and weeks into my career. I was eager to learn, contribute, and network. With a handful of freshly printed business cards, I set out to make my mark on the world. Instead, it made its mark on me and my love affair with professional development and continuing education was born. Returning to the office the next day with every one of my business cards still accounted for, I found myself armed with more actionable concepts than I had ever acquired throughout my previous studies.

Don’t get me wrong; my days of academia provided me with foundational requirements, but being able to apply this learning in real time was a game changer. The ability to capture an insight and immediately understand its value to my organization (and my own personal growth) created a completely different learning experience.

We’re fortunate to have an abundance of resources available to support us in our continued learning journey. Between books, articles, videos, podcasts, workshops, etc., there is no shortage of tools, only the time that we choose to invest in our growth. The key is to have an honest conversation with ourselves about the improvements we need to make in order to help solve the critical problems facing our organizations. In so doing, our investment in continued learning will yield our best return.

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