Calgary June 25, 2024


Below you'll find the biographies for each of our speakers, along with what you'll learn at their talk. You can find out when each speaker takes the stage on our agenda page.


Mental Health Advocate, Gender Equality Champion, and Award-Winning Humanitarian

Emotional Literacy, Mental Health, and Leading With Courage
What You Will Learn
  • Exploring barriers women face in positions of leadership and finding the courage to take our rightful place as leaders.
  • Tools and strategies to enhance your emotional literacy on a journey of mental wellness, self-awareness, and acceptance.
  • Live fuller and happier lives by learning how to build healthier relationships with yourself and others.
  • How to claim your true potential and stay true to yourself, even when thrust into the spotlight.


Astronaut, Neurologist, Scientist, Photographer, and First Canadian Woman in Space

Evaluating Risk, Shifting Perspective, and Opening Possibilities
What You Will Learn
  • The nucleus of shifting your point of view to see and experience things in a completely different way.
  • Why it's far better to embrace change than to fear it and how to examine fear, to overcome it.
  • The possibilities and inspiration derived from actively seeking opportunity once risk is considered.
  • Creativity through clarity of vision and why curiosity creates the real potential for true growth.


Founder of WatchHerWork, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist, and Work Futurist

Redefining DEI, Allyship, Mentorship, and the Future of Work
What You Will Learn
  • Align your teams to create a path to competitive excellence, improved morale and increased retention.
  • Explore the causes of our conflict and the tools necessary to successfully navigate differences in the workplace.
  • Adapt your communication style to connect effectively online and offline across all ages, races, and genders.
  • How to be an ally at work and identify shared values to develop a framework for incorporating different perspectives.


Award-Winning Social Psychologist, Endowed Professor at Indiana University, and Growth Culture Expert

Empowering Cultures of Innovation, Growth, and Performance
What You Will Learn
  • How to build environments that foster trust, innovation, learning, and performance.
  • The difference between "Cultures of Genius" and "Cultures of Growth" and how they impact success within organizations.
  • Identify mindset triggers to empower you and your team to reach full potential and broaden your organization's capacity.
  • Avoid common pitfalls, including a "false growth mindset" that can limit collaboration and risk-taking.


Former Ambassador to UNICEF, Award-Winning Entrepreneur, and Purpose-Driven Leadership Expert

Purpose Driven Leadership, Finding Resilience, and Overcoming Adversity
What You Will Learn
  • Why "design-driven" organizations who combine creativity, scale, and agility will be tomorrow's winners.
  • How to harness the power of purpose to create compelling brands for socially aware employees, consumers, and clients.
  • Evidence from behavioural experiments that can develop a thicker skin, a better attitude, and an openness to change.
  • What it takes to overcome adversity, find your voice, and transform challenges into opportunities.

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