Calgary December 1, 2022

About The Art of Leadership

Strong leaders don't follow the crowd, they inspire the crowd to follow them. They're the disruptors and the doers. They know that without calculated risk there can be no reward.

Strong leaders plan and define the route that will pave the road to success. They enable organizations to develop dynamic corporate cultures. Engaged employees and sustainable long-term growth are their end game.

The Art of Leadership brings together the most respected names in thought leadership in an environment that inspires action. Surrounded by a network of like-minded individuals, we design unique conferences that are built around the stories, ideas, discoveries and transformative moments that drive achievement.

Our conferences expose those in attendance to explosive new ways of thinking as they unleash unlimited creative potential. Attendees discover new ways to re-energize their corporate culture, spark fresh thinking and ignite strategic insights to deal with the biggest challenges facing their organizations.


Thursday, December 1, 2022
8:30AM – 4:30PM 


Calgary Telus Convention Centre
North Building - Hall XE
136 8 Ave SE
Calgary, AB

About The Art Of

The stories we tell define us. The lessons that we learn inspire us. The ideas that we share ignite us. The Art Of brings together the questioning and the curious. The truth-seekers and the catalysts while fueling our creativity and disrupting the norm. We are laser-focused on helping individuals and organizations find their voice, innovate their thinking and discover groundbreaking new insights while supercharging business culture through the creation of world-class learning experiences.

Our life-defining conferences, inspired, customized learning programs, digital content and magazine are designed to spark and deliver unique, engaging and actionable insights from world leaders, business icons, bestselling authors, academics and more. These powerful influencers and role models share their personal stories, life lessons, and perspectives on global events in a spirit of inspirational interaction and a shared vision of actionable ideation.

Since our inception in 2008, The Art Of has shaken the complacent and challenged the status quo as we’ve forged a dynamic global community that has helped to define and inspire thousands of individuals and businesses each year. 

Along the way, we’ve established a powerful mandate to identify and showcase the builders, makers, dreamers, catalysts, and disruptors behind some of the world’s most successful ventures and companies.

As an organization, helping you achieve your goal is our goal. We want to work together to help inspire innovation for those looking to grow and learn so they can take their careers and organizations to the next level. Prepare to let those who shape our world today help shape yours tomorrow.