Review: The Art of Leadership - Toronto 2013


The Art of Leadership returned to Toronto on November 26, 2013 with an incredible line-up and a complete sell out. The atmosphere was powerful. Here are a few Tweets to highlight the day:

Adam Grant, bestselling author of Give and Take , openned the day with a talk on how organizations can motivate employees, develop talent and align teams to achieve success. 

Up next was Amy Edmondson, bestselling author of Teaming  covering concepts from her book, including ideas on how organizations learn, innovate and compete in the Knowledge Category. Edmondson outlined the key factors that prevent teams from reaching full potential and how to encourage and grow your team in order to succeed. 

Amy Edmondson also spoke on how to be sure you, yourself can be the best leader you can be:

Following the networking break Stephen J. Dubner was up next to speak on business and management, as well as lessons from his bestselling books: Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics & Think Like a Freak .  

Stephen J. Dubner's teachings and examples were both insightful and fascinating...

Following lunch was our exclusive Executive Panel featuring Dr. Vince Molinaro, Managing Director/Leadership Solutions at Knightsbridge, Vince Timpano, President of Aimia Canada, Todd Lavieri, General Manager at IBM Global Business Services and Peter Aceto, President & CEO at ING Canada took the stage to share their insights on leadership:

The highly anticipated Chris Hadfield, Canada's favourite astronaut was up next. Hadfield shared his stories of success and leadership:

He also shared some amazing pictures with the audience from his time in outer space. Simply amazing!

General Colin Powell followed Chris Hadfield with his compelling words on leadership and taking charge:

All aspects of leadership were covered at The Art of Leadership in Toronto and through the star-studded cast these messages were relayed with real life experiences and personal success stories. The day was filled with not only personal inspiration and reflection, but also on how to convey these learnings into a group or team setting:

Be sure to check out photos from The Art of Leadership conference on Facebook:

The Art of Leadership Toronto 2013

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