Defining and Demonstrating Leadership


We sat down with five inspiring women from across Canada from a number of TD Wealth businesses to learn about how they define and demonstrate leadership, their role, working at TD Wealth, and how they help their clients reach their goals.

Bev Kumar, Senior Financial Planner
Delta, British Columbia

How do you define leadership?

I define leadership as having the ability to focus on solutions rather than problems. Life is about change, so you need focus on moving forward with the best approach and attitude. At TD, we have amazing women leaders that consistently encourage and inspire me to reach my best potential. It's important to be around great people – people who are understanding, respectful and know how to motivate talent and leadership in others. 

What is the most rewarding part of your day?

Connecting with my clients. The biggest reward in my role is when I review a client's financial plan with them. Sharing the roadmap to their goals, and encouraging and enabling them to see their future with more clarity is truly the best part of my job. I also take great pride when I hear my clients provide updates such as, "I can now hand in my retirement notice after seeing my financial plan and truly knowing that I'm prepared". 

What advice do you have for women starting out in their career?

Work hard, work smart, work well with others. Don't set limits to your success. Keep learning and learn to accept change. Learn to empower other women and importantly surround yourself with people that influence you in the most positive way. 

Jennifer Kozan, Wealth Advisor, Private Client Group
Calgary, Alberta

How do you demonstrate leadership in your role?

By acting with respect, responsibility, resourcefulness and resiliency in order to inspire my team to believe in themselves.

Why is TD a great place to work as an advisor?

TD has the size and scope to offer clients an integrated approach to Wealth Management. 

What is great about being an advisor?

You get to develop mutually-beneficial relations with interesting individuals and be engaged in the community. 

Kathryn Del Greco, VP, Investment Advisor
Toronto, Ontario

How do you define leadership? 

Leadership is having a clear vision of what direction your team needs to take and having the ability to inspire those around you to see that same vision.  With a shared team goal, it helps define individual ownership of responsibilities and a keen awareness of the value of their contribution.

What advice do you have for women starting out in their career?

Women have the ability to look at and solve problems from a different angle, so don’t be afraid to have a voice and express your viewpoints.  Celebrate what makes you different and unique from your male counterparts – it can be a strong competitive advantage.  Forget about the term "glass ceiling"…if you acknowledge it, you give it power. Forge ahead with no risk of any limitations in front of you.

Why is TD a great place to work as an advisor?  

Autonomy and the freedom to make my own choices that are in the best interest of my clients. There is an entrepreneurial spirit here, not only are we the comfortable bank for our customers, TD is a comfortable place to work.    

What is great about being a client facing advisor?  

By taking the time to do proper due diligence on your clients, what you are in effect really doing is taking the time to get to know a family on a much deeper and more personal level.  You learn about their hopes and dreams as well as their fears and worries.  If we are successful in our role, we play a crucial part in helping to facilitate their bucket list.  What could be more rewarding than that?!

Jillian Bryan, Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor
Vancouver, British Columbia

How do you demonstrate leadership in your role?

As head of our investment team my leadership represents responsibility.  Ownership of problems when they occur is key.  Following through on my commitments to my team and supporting them in reaching their goals is paramount.  Creating a work environment where the team feels valued and respected is a top priority.

What is the most rewarding part of your day?

The most rewarding aspect of my role is being able to help clients with the challenges they face managing their wealth.  This will often pertain to non-financial aspects of their lives such as looking after an elderly parent, providing for educational funding for their children, and assisting them to insure they have no "holes" in their life plans.  It's my duty to ensure that they are prepared – and considering all implications (i.e. necessity to have health insurance while travelling outside of Canada, ensuring they have critical illness or disability insurance).

What advice do you have for women starting out in their career?

Work hard.  When you start out in a career it's essential to give it 110%.  A positive "can-do" attitude is critical to success.  Sometimes you have to do a task or start at an entry level that you may perceive is beneath your abilities.  But in a competitive work environment, be dedicated and focused will help you advance. 

Why is TD a great place to work as an advisor?

TD's culture is amazing.  We have incredible partners to work with such as private bankers, dedicated high net worth consultants who work with our most valued clients.  It really is a team work culture.


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