You Can't Have Grace Without Grit... Lessons from The Art of Leadership for Women - Vancouver 2016


The following are closing remarks curated by our host, Bill Williams based on the presentations by Seonaid Charlesworth, Danielle LaPorte, Diana Nyad, Geena Davis and Amy Cuddy at The Art of Leadership for Women in Vancouver on Friday April 1st, 2016. 

We react to someone based on how that person makes us feel about ourselves

and we only pay attention to information that confirms our belief and ignore those inconsistent with our view.

Be devoted to being creative, because creativity is really the essence of leadership.

You can't have grace without grit.

And remember, it's not a missed opportunity if the opportunity does not fit your soul.

Ask questions. Every question you ask is a gift.

Know that as a leader, what you're doing is saying: "I dare you to trust me"

So know your devotion. What are you devoted to?

Embrace your passion - and never be embarrassed by it.

Have strong networks.

Find a best friend at work.

If you just don't quit one day you'll reach the other shore.

Whatever you do, do it until you can't do it a fingernail better.

Ask yourself, "am I the person I can admire?" and live everyday no regrets.

It's not about making it, it's about not giving up on it

Because when you achieve your dreams, it's not so much what you get as who you become.

So dare greatly!

Never forget that if they see it they can be it.

Be an impatient optimist.

Have presence.

Approach with composure, execute with calm confidence, leave with satisfaction. Then you are present.

When we are present, we are able to let our guard down

And arrogance is a "smoke screen", a cover-up for personal insecurity.

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and gosh darn it I'm worth it!

Harmonious communication is more convincing and authentic.

It's not about being dominant though, it's about being strong, confident and open to other people.



The following visual summaries were mapped live during the conference by Tristan Miller, capturing key points in each of our speakers' presentations. 







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