September 08, 2014 | Calgary

September 30, 2014 | Vancouver

October 07, 2014 | Toronto


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"The Art Of Marketing is about embracing technology, understanding the new consumer and how connected they are." - @MitchJoel
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"Good and BAD customer experiences go viral - your sales are dependent on your brand's standing online." - @Unmarketing
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"Your price often determines the PERCEPTION of your credibility." - @StephenShapiro
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    The Art of Gold

    Hayley Wickenheiser

    Don’t Get Arrogant Approaching the Sochi 2014 Olympic games the Canadian women’s hockey team having previously won three gold medals...

  • Video

    Transforming Your Audience

    Nancy Duarte

    The thing that we love about stories so much is that humans love to observe the transformation of other humans. That’s what we love...

  • Video

    Targeted & Focused Marketing

    John Jantsch

    What I think is the art of marketing today is really a combination of things. I think it used to be how we stand out from the crowd and...

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    Managing Your Workload

    Jonathan Fields

    Time tends to be one of the biggest challenges for a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs and there’s no doubt that you could...