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"Nice is less about your behaviour and more about your motives." - @LianeDavey
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"Sometimes all it takes is a kind word of encouragement to get your heroes back on the right path." - @NancyDuarte
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"Marketers need to move up stream, we have to stop being the last step in the process." - @ThisisSethsBlog
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  • Article

    The Art of The Brick

    Mitch Joel

    As a parent, this is the question that we most fantasize about. As an adult, this is the question that we often reflect on when work gets tedious or we’re...

  • Video

    Why You Need Help as an Entrepreneur

    Gary Vaynerchuk

    To me, I wake up every morning and decide what I jump into. You know, I don’t do anything, and I do everything, and so that’s leadership. I do believe you...

  • Article

    The New Sales Playbook

    John Jantsch

    Recently, I was asked to present my ideas on how salespeople can best compete in today’s sales environment. A great deal about selling has changed over the last few years, but mostly...

  • Article

    Turning Back Time

    Martin Lindstrom

    Facebook recently wrapped up a promotion tour designed to lure U.S. publishers to deliver their news feeds to Facebook. Since Facebook’s 1.4 billion...