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"When you allow those with potential to thrive in the areas that most excite them, good things will come." - @DJ_Kennedy
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"The Art Of Marketing is about embracing technology, understanding the new consumer and how connected they are." - @MitchJoel
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"Companies aren't families, they're battlefields in a civil war." - @CDuhigg
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  • Book Excerpt


    Amy Cuddy

    Once, while I was washing my hands in an airport restroom, the woman at the sink next to me turned and said, “I’m really sorry, but are you...” She paused, and rather than...

  • Video

    What Does it Take to be Seen as Strategic?

    Tammy Heermann

    So what does it take to be considered strategic today? Everyone wants to be considered strategic, it’s the holy grail of promotions, of getting that capital if you’re an...

  • Article

    Just Tell Me What You're Good At

    Peter Aceto

    When I returned to Tangerine in Canada, from spending time at the Tangerine US business (then known as ING DIRECT), I discovered that certain people were taking all the...

  • Article

    The Art and Error of Alpha Body Language

    Mark Bowden

    We humans are social animals that inhabit varied environments. Each social event where we might aspire to lead is therefore bound to be highly situational, and to this point...

  • Video

    Why You Shouldn't Lead From the Front

    Amy Cuddy

    It is easier for me to start by telling you what leadership is not, so leadership is certainly not about being in front and turning around and seeing a bunch of people behind...