May 28, 2014 | Toronto

May 29, 2014 | Toronto


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"Companies aren't families, they're battlefields in a civil war." - @CDuhigg
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"There’s a big difference between sticking with a brand and being stuck with one." - @DeniseLeeYohn
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"Good and BAD customer experiences go viral - your sales are dependent on your brand's standing online." - @Unmarketing
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  • Article

    Pricing and Perception

    Stephen Shapiro

    One week after starting my speaking business a dozen years ago, I met with the owner of a speaker’s bureau in London to discuss representation...

  • Video

    Keeping Yourself Productive

    John Jantsch

    I think the best decision I made that really helped my productivity is that I now take a day out of every week, some days in fact two days out of every week...

  • Article

    The Logical First Step

    Allison Graham

    The most likely starting point to build a profitable network is to analyze your current network and figure out who you already know. If you have networked...

  • Video

    Asking The Right Questions

    Jonathan Fields

    One of the most common questions I think that I get asked is how do I grow my business. I think that is actually the wrong question to ask because that’s...

  • Article

    The Marketing Moral Compass

    Mitch Joel

    Are marketers the most loathed human beings on earth? It is a question worthy of an answer. As a marketing professional, I often wonder where...

  • Video

    Combining Your Life and Your Work

    Mitch Joel

    It’s always a challenge to find the time to develop and the time to run your business, but again I think we have to look at things as not being...