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"Advice-seeking is a powerful way to have influence without authority." - @AdamMGrant
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"When you allow those with potential to thrive in the areas that most excite them, good things will come." - DJ_Kennedy
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"The Art Of Marketing is about embracing technology, understanding the new consumer and how connected they are." - @MitchJoel
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    Entrepreneurship Requires Confidence

    Eric Ryan

    The biggest challenge with being an entrepreneur is not the mechanics of it, it’s the head game that comes with it. It’s that self-confidence that is required...

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    The C-Suite Six

    Dan Roam

    The six pictures every successful leadership team must be able to draw. The Visual Leadership Test What is the simplest way...

  • Video

    Audience Development

    John Jantsch

    I think this idea of audience development is kind of new in some ways. For many, many years marketers have tried to build a community or get...

  • Video

    Achieving Greatness

    Jim Fannin

    I think the biggest thing of being a great champion is hitting a high daily standard. “Greatness”, that word’s thrown around all the time...