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"When you allow those with potential to thrive in the areas that most excite them, good things will come." - @DJ_Kennedy
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"Your price often determines the PERCEPTION of your credibility." - @StephenShapiro
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"Good and BAD customer experiences go viral - your sales are dependent on your brand's standing online." - @Unmarketing
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  • Video

    Retaining Your Customers

    W. Brett Wilson

    A lot of people under estimate the value of “Customer Retention”, as I call it. As so that really comes down to making sure that your brand is always in their mind...

  • Article

    Why Busyness is No Badge of Honor

    Peter Aceto

    “I know you are such a busy person, thank you sooo much for making the time to meet with me.” Ever hear someone tell you that? I do, and frankly...

  • Article

    Be a Better Boss by Friday

    Chester Elton

    These 3 exercises will help accelerate positive change in your business and in your interactions with your team. In 1839, Charles Goodyear finally...

  • Video

    Why Leaders are so Crucial

    Gretchen Rubin

    Leadership is crucial because it’s so easy to burn up time, energy, money and people’s attention in ways that aren’t productive. You need a leader who’s going to...

  • Video

    How Power Posing Can Change Your Life

    Amy Cuddy

    I was at a conference and a middle age man walked up to me and said, and he was crying, he said I want to thank you for giving me my father back. I asked him to tell...