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"Timing, perseverance and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success." - @Biz
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"Telling your customers they will lose 1$ a day is more effective than letting them know what they will gain." - @RobertCialdini
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"Advice-seeking is a powerful way to have influence without authority." - @AdamMGrant
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  • Article

    Cold Calling Zombies

    Tibor Shanto

    The debate as to whether cold calling is a viable means of engaging with potential buyers and prospects has been raging since the phone was created, probably before that.  If you have been...

  • Article

    Deal with the Emotions on Your Team

    Dr. Liane Davey

    Understanding how your organization’s salesfocused staff can visually communicate trust to their customers and prospects—with the best body language...

  • Video

    What Makes a Good Leader?

    Chester Elton

    To be a great leader, I think, takes dedication and it takes discipline. It’s like anything, I think there are people that have natural abilities and I think leaders are...