Aligning Business and Life


I think one of the biggest blind spots for small business owners is lack of alignment. 

We tend to build companies that are built around what we know that market will support and every entrepreneur starts with a company with a certain idea and then the market tells them that some of it was right and some of it was wrong so they have to adapt along the way to do with the market says we want.

The challenge is sometimes when you make those adaptations it so changes what brought you to the business the core of the business is no longer aligned with who you are, what you lights you up and what made you want to start it.

A lot small business owners will find themselves financially successful, but hating going to work because that shift - they’ve made a shift that serves the market, but takes them deeply out of alignment with who they are. So take a step back it’s really important to regularly dashboard: Is the thing that building truly aligned with who I am, what I want to create in the world and how I want to live my life?

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