Calgary June 7, 2022


Below you'll find the biographies for each of our speakers, along with what you'll learn at their talk. You can find out when each speaker takes the stage on our agenda page.


Star of CBC’s Dragons’ Den, General Partner of District Ventures Capital, and Three-time Bestselling Author

Change, Transformation & Reinvention
What You Will Learn
  • Practical steps on how to reinvent yourself to be more successful, happier and excited about the future.
  • A blueprint for locating your sense of purpose, realistically evaluating your strengths, assessing opportunities outside your comfort zone, and charting a bold new career path.
  • Where to start and how to know if you have what it takes to make more of yourself, your company and your life.


Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and First Nations Advocate

Leadership, Governance & Reconciliation
What You Will Learn
  • Important lessons in governance to strengthen our institutions and cultures.
  • Leadership insights on how to approach struggles over inclusivity, deficiencies of political will, and concerns about adherence to core principles.
  • Indigenous rights and what has to be done to build a shared postcolonial future based on trust, cooperation, and recognition to achieve true reconciliation in Canada.


Six-Time Olympic Medalist, Humanitarian, Mental Health Advocate, and Bestselling Author

Mental Health, Adversity & Peak Performance
What You Will Learn
  • Lessons from a personal journey through addiction, depression, and pain to a life where love and understanding can thrive.
  • How to heal depression, anger, frustration, or a lack of confidence through nature and the power of movement.
  • The keys to achieve breakthrough performance, by removing the barriers of fear, doubt and uncertainty.


Researcher, Journalist, Advocate, and One of Canadian Lawyers’ 25 Most Influential Lawyers

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
What You Will Learn
  • How to unlock the power of differences for more inclusion, empowerment, and innovation within our organizations.
  • How to unravel unconscious bias and structural marginalization in the workplace.
  • The ways in which being outside the norm affects your career and what individuals and organizations can do about it.


Award Winning Psychology Instructor, Workplace Wellness Expert, and Bestselling Author

Stress, Resiliency & Workplace Wellness
What You Will Learn
  • How to decrease stress during uncertainty, while affirming values and priorities for life with work integration.
  • How to identify and recognize practices that foster everyday resiliency and how to work with the barriers and facilitators it creates.
  • Evidence-based principles and practical tools to incorporate life with work integration practices to sustain leader wellness, hold space, and lead difficult conversations.

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