Calgary December 3, 2019


Below you'll find the biographies for each of our speakers, along with what you'll learn at their talk. You can find out when each speaker takes the stage on our agenda page.


World's Leading Expert on Talent and Strengths Based Leadership

Talent Development and Peak Performance
What You Will Learn
  • The one thing that sets great leaders apart.
  • The 4 levers that leaders use to create a high-performing culture.
  • How to pinpoint and apply your competitive advantage.


Positive Psychology Researcher, Harvard MBA and Former Director of Leadership at Walmart

Employee Engagement and Happiness
What You Will Learn
  • Why the strongest companies in the world have the happiest people working at them.
  • How to create happiness and use that to drive engagement and high-performance results inside your organization.
  • How to navigate change, wrestle with failure and develop a growth mindset.


Organizational Psychologist, Team Effectiveness Expert and New York Times Bestselling Author

Team Effectiveness and Productive Conflict
What You Will Learn
  • Spot team dysfunctions before it’s too late and seize the opportunity to make your team healthier.
  • Use the right words to engage in productive conflict.
  • Create insights about individuals that improve the team dynamic.


Co-Founder of Zappos Insights, Leading Authority on Culture Transformation and Bestselling Author

Corporate Culture and Accountability
What You Will Learn
  • Establish a culture of working toward a singular mission and common goal.
  • Create greater ownership of projects and increase personal accountability.
  • A systematic process for building a company culture by fostering committed, enthusiastic and engaged employees.


Named "Top 10 Creative Canadians", Innovation Expert and Bestselling Author

Organizational Alignment and Positive Momentum
What You Will Learn
  • How to lead and create disruption within organizations and industries.
  • How to seize attention and inspire innovation.
  • How to build trust with the "Think. Do. Say." framework.

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