Top 4 Lessons: The Art of Leadership


1. Learning's Natural but Mostly Cultural

Everyone is born with profound talents. Different and unique talents. Sir Ken Robinson says that Human Resources are a lot like natural resources – they are rich but are not always just lying at the surface – you have to dig for them. Human beings are naturally curious and capable of learning, but workplaces and institutions are unintentionally stifling this.

2. Find Your Passion

Seventy per cent of people in office jobs are uninterested and disengaged from what they’re doing. The key to finding engagement is first finding something you’re good at, but that you also actually enjoy. What you do can either feed your energy or take it away. If it’s something that you hate or administrate, you actually age quicker. While this work will exhaust you, it also causes depression.

3. Don't Be a Parasite in Your Environment

If we look at a plant, it adapts to its environment and it feeds its environment in return. Parasites, on the Internationally Acclaimed Expert on Creativity & Innovation and New York Times Bestselling Author other hand, destroy their environment. If we were to apply this thinking to our organizations, we have to adapt, support and sustain our environment in order to survive. Our environment also includes our employees.

4. Talent is So Often Overlooked

Sir Ken Robinson shares with us that Paul McCartney’s music teacher had half of the Beatles sitting in his class, and they were overlooked. Kodak invented digital photography, but it was repressed by the culture of the organization. What are the hidden talents on your team?

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